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Optimum No Rinse (ONR) 

- ONR’s primary use is for washing of the exterior, as the name suggests it reduces the need to rinse the car prior to washing, and eliminated the need to rinse after washing. This is environmentally friendly by significantly reducing you water consumption. ONR is best used with our Big Red Sponge, but can also be used with mitts or brushes.  ONR is also used as a glass cleaner, to wipe down interiors, to remove polish residue and in carpet extractors or steamers. ONR makes washing quicker, easier, and safer for the car. ONR is also a valuable asset for your lot washing activities.

Optimum Car Wax

- Used in conjunction with ONR and a Clay towel this wax serves for quick used car reconditioning of the paint, but mostly as a service sold through the service department.  A customer favorite, not only is the customer getting a long lasting carnauba/polymer based wax shine, but also a proper decontamination, giving the paint a smooth surface. Unlike paste waxes Optimum Car Wax is applied to all exterior surfaces providing protection to the paint, glass, chrome, plastic and trim. Most dealers sell this service for $129-179 depending on size of vehicle (Fiesta VS Excursion) with spring and fall sales of $99-149. Durability ranges from 3-6 months depending on how the vehicle is maintained. 


- a simple to use polymer sealant that is used after polishing to provide a 6-12 month durable shine, Opti-Seal dispenses with the old Wax on, Wax off mentality and replaces it with Wax on and enjoy. Other uses for Opti-Seal include for dressing interior plastics that have lost their new look, while leaving a static free non greasy sheen, as an idiot proof glass cleaner, and as a protective layer to Opti-Coat Pro as it’s curing, allowing it to be released to the customer sooner, and also put out in the elements without tying up valuable shop space. 



- A non acid, Thiol based cleaner used to safely remove ferrous particles, industrial fallout and tar from all surfaces.  Safe for use on paint, glass, plastics, wheels and trim. 

Optimum Clay Towel

- This polymer infused micro fibre towel is used to decontaminate paint in conjunction with either ONR or Optimum Car Wax. Faster and more cost effective than traditional clay products 


Hyper Paint Correction System

-Consisting of 2 tools, 3 pads, 3 liquids, and our pad washer.  This system is easy to use, efficient, and very cost efficient. The Hyper Paint Correction System can be used on a car that is freshly washed and clayed with ONR, without the need for drying, nor taping of the trim, saving time. 

- Zentool 21E is our 6 inch dual action polisher. This machine simplifies polishing to a point that it’s no longer required to have years of experience to achieve flawless results.

-Zentool 12Eis our 3 inch mini dual action polisher designed to get into tight spaces, and also useful in the body shop for polishing out of nibs.

-Hyper Wool/Foam pad, designed specifically to be used with the Zentool for aggressive paint correction and scratch removal.   This pad is designed to be used with our Hyper Compound.

-Orange Waffle Pad, This all-purpose pad provides enough cut when used with our Hyper Intensive Polish to remove spider webbing and light scratching, yet finishes to a high shine.

-Black Waffle Pad, this fine pad is used with our Hyper Polish as the follow up step to Hyper Compound, or on its own to give cars the highest luster possible.  

-Hyper Compound- This is our fastest cutting compound, designed for heavy defect removal. Unlike other compounds it does not dust nor require wiping off before going to polish, reducing wasted labour. 

-Intensive Polish- This is used as a one-step correction and shine product for used car refurbishing where a heavy cut is not required . The residue is wiped off with a Micro Fibre towel dampened in ONR and followed up with Opti-Seal. This combo will give your used car inventory a long lasting shine and easy to sell look with little time invested. 

-Hyper Polish- This mild polish is designed to give cars paint the highest reflection and gloss possible. It has mild correction abilities to remove some defects, but excels in its ability to get the best shine out of any paint.


-Optimum Pad Washer- This tool makes had washing simple and effective. The Optimum Pad Washer will reduce compound and polish use, while dramatically extending the life of polishing pads.

The Hyper Paint Correction System can also be used with a rotary polisher. Using low speed and no pressure the Hyper Paint Correction System is efficient in terms of labor and product use, but also reduces technician fatigue.   



Mineral Deposit Remover is used to safely remove minerals that cause water spots on all automotive surfaces. MDR is much safer then traditional methods. 

Optimum Paint Guard (OCPG) 

- OPG is pre-loaded onto new cars, protecting them on the lot from the ravages of nature, allowing them to go longer between washes and making them easier to get ready to deliver once sold. Optimum Paint Guard comes with a one year from date of sale warranty and is sold to the consumer at a price to be determined (average sale price is $299). If the unit is transferred to another dealer, the warranty can still be sold and registered, with a customary $100 commission offered to the selling dealer. OCPG is also the perfect foundation for Opti-Coat Pro, requiring simply a wash with ONR then the application of Opti-Coat Pro pre-sale. 


Opti-Coat Pro

-Opti-Coat Pro is  our premier 5 year coating designed to be sold through F&I. Applied on top of OPG at time of sale it give the customer peace of mind and protection from environmental damages for years to come without need for re-application. Selling price varies from $900-$1500 depending on market. 


Red Glass Cleaner
Very economical for cleaning windows, windshields, and mirrors. Fast, safe, and saves labor in car washes.


Universal Sanitize
Popular upholstery and carpet cleaner. Highly concentrated. It contains anti-soiling agents and brighteners that clean and sanitize with minimum wetting. Leaves a pleasant scent.


Formula "C" Spot Remover
Designed as an agent to remove what ordinarily shampoos won't. It is used on cloth or velour seats, upholstery, and carpets. It also removes grease, oil, and heel marks from leather, vinyl, and door panels.


H.D. Whitewall Cleaner
Concentrated for tough jobs. Removes oil, wax, grease, and grime. It cleans motors, heavily marked tires, walls, garage floors, etc. Pine scent. 


Bugs Away
A non-ammoniated bug and insect remover for vehicle surfaces. Safe on most painted surfaces.

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Red Power
The most popular heavy-duty, butyl cleaner in the industry. A fast seller in any market.



Heavy duty, super strong, cleaner-degreaser. Stronger than Red Power. Dark in color.

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La Cera Amarilla
Cleans, brightens, polishes and protects all finishes, leaving an outstanding high gloss that lasts. Removes road film, light oxidation, unsightly grooves, marks and light scratches.

Midnight Special
Outstanding, easy to use product for fine polishing black and dark colored cars. Use by hand or orbital polisher. Removes tar. Works in all climates.


Phase II
The industry standard. Contains wax and is excellent for buffing ALL types of paint. Swirl-less. Foam pads are NOT recommended. A thick, orange liquid designed for black, red, and metallic paints and for lacquered or clear coat finishes.

Anti-Static Showroom Conditioner
Its anti-static formulation neutralizes surface electricity. Easy and safe to use. Removes finger marks and cleans and polishes paints, glass, chrome, rubber, and plastic.


Film "Polish" Clearer
The most popular polish in the industry. Chemically removes light oxidation and brightens the finish. Removes scratches and buffer marks by hand or machine. No swirls or burns. Works well with foam pads.


Synthetic Cutting Creme
The most popular general purpose compound in the industry. Designed to remove 1000 to 2000 wet sanding scratching scratched on two stage urethane paints. A non-silicone compound for clear coats. Pink in color.

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Super 1000W Dressing
The best thing yet for RV's, planes, boats, fiberglass, etc. Long lasting.

Leather Conditioner
Special formula made with the highest grade raw materials that don't come cheap. Penetrates, nourishes, conditions, strengthens & beautifies leather. On a scale from 1 (Mildest) to 10 (Strongest), This Product is a 10 for those who can afford the best.


Super Stuff Dressing
An all purpose dressing for vinyl or leather upholstery. It cleans, polishes and protects vinyl, leather and rubber.


A thin, low cost, water base protectant for interior or exterior vinyl, leather, and rubber surfaces. Widely used for dressing tires. Lemon fragrance.

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