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Wax Wash
A fast selling product in any market. Gentle suds cleans all waxed finishes without removing wax or causing water spots. Pearl green in color.



Auto-Glo Auto Shampoo
Low cost car soap. Extremely Concentrated. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being mildest & 10 being strongest) this product is a 6.


Red Glass Cleaner
Very economical for cleaning windows, windshields, and mirrors. Fast, safe, and saves labor in car washes.


Universal Sanitize
Popular upholstery and carpet cleaner. Highly concentrated. It contains anti-soiling agents and brighteners that clean and sanitize with minimum wetting. Leaves a pleasant scent.


Formula "C" Spot Remover
Designed as an agent to remove what ordinarily shampoos won't. It is used on cloth or velour seats, upholstery, and carpets. It also removes grease, oil, and heel marks from leather, vinyl, and door panels.


H.D. Whitewall Cleaner
Concentrated for tough jobs. Removes oil, wax, grease, and grime. It cleans motors, heavily marked tires, walls, garage floors, etc. Pine scent. 


Bugs Away
A non-ammoniated bug and insect remover for vehicle surfaces. Safe on most painted surfaces.

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Red Power
The most popular heavy-duty, butyl cleaner in the industry. A fast seller in any market.



Heavy duty, super strong, cleaner-degreaser. Stronger than Red Power. Dark in color.

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La Cera Amarilla
Cleans, brightens, polishes and protects all finishes, leaving an outstanding high gloss that lasts. Removes road film, light oxidation, unsightly grooves, marks and light scratches.

Midnight Special
Outstanding, easy to use product for fine polishing black and dark colored cars. Use by hand or orbital polisher. Removes tar. Works in all climates.


Phase II
The industry standard. Contains wax and is excellent for buffing ALL types of paint. Swirl-less. Foam pads are NOT recommended. A thick, orange liquid designed for black, red, and metallic paints and for lacquered or clear coat finishes.

Anti-Static Showroom Conditioner
Its anti-static formulation neutralizes surface electricity. Easy and safe to use. Removes finger marks and cleans and polishes paints, glass, chrome, rubber, and plastic.


Film "Polish" Clearer
The most popular polish in the industry. Chemically removes light oxidation and brightens the finish. Removes scratches and buffer marks by hand or machine. No swirls or burns. Works well with foam pads.


Synthetic Cutting Creme
The most popular general purpose compound in the industry. Designed to remove 1000 to 2000 wet sanding scratching scratched on two stage urethane paints. A non-silicone compound for clear coats. Pink in color.

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Super 1000W Dressing
The best thing yet for RV's, planes, boats, fiberglass, etc. Long lasting.

Leather Conditioner
Special formula made with the highest grade raw materials that don't come cheap. Penetrates, nourishes, conditions, strengthens & beautifies leather. On a scale from 1 (Mildest) to 10 (Strongest), This Product is a 10 for those who can afford the best.


Super Stuff Dressing
An all purpose dressing for vinyl or leather upholstery. It cleans, polishes and protects vinyl, leather and rubber.


A thin, low cost, water base protectant for interior or exterior vinyl, leather, and rubber surfaces. Widely used for dressing tires. Lemon fragrance.

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